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"The Barracks is the heart of your army. Upgrade your Barracks to access new troops and wreck havoc upon player's bases. Inside, the very best of your infantry troops are prepared for war and then sent to the Army Camps, where they attend the commander's orders"

  • Summary
    • ​The Barracks uses Supplies and transforms them into battle-ready soldiers. These soldiers are weak against bullet-based attacks, but cannot be targeted by Rocket Batteries and can hack resources, hijack vehicles, and much more.

  • Upgrade Differences
  • At level 1 the structure is a small, grey rectangular building with green highlights and a door at the front along with light-blue paned windows at the side. Four small circular ventilation fans can be seen at the top-back of the building, along with a flagpost Two vents can be seen on the ground next to it. A black, steel-framed light is located on the buildings back-right side.
  • At level 2 the building gains blue highlights at the top with a small grey and blue outcrop sticking out of the front. Two small tan coloured pipes are added between the outcrop and the ventilation fans. The walls also become more rounded.

  • Trivia
Com Center Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Number Available 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Building Size
 Level Troop Available Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Com Center Level Required
1 Grunt 5000 Red Mercury 1h 1
2 Rocket Trooper 50000 Red Mercury 4h 2
3 Hacker 250, 000 Red Mercury 1d 4
4 Sniper 400,000 Red Mercury 3d 5
5 Hijacker 1,000,000 Red Mercury 4d 7
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Command Center